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OREGON: Most Chinook are Dark Now and Close to Spawning

Friday, November 11th, 2011

With the closure of fishing for salmon from a floating device above Beacon Rock, chinook season on the Columbia near Bonneville is effectively over.

Most chinook are dark now and close to spawning.

Sturgeon season remains open but catches have slowed.

Bank anglers yielded a keeper for about every 10 rods while boat anglers didn’t quite do that good. The bite will likely continue to slow.

Sturgeon anglers fishing downstream of Portland on the mainstem Columbia are still catching a few keepers but that too is likely to slow. Good catch and release sturgeon fishing remains in the Portland Harbor. With the water temperature dropping, fish passage remains low at Willamette Falls. A few coho are being counted along with 15 winter steelhead.

Steelhead passing Willamette Falls beginning November 1st are considered winter-run fish. McKenzie levels have dropped and held steady for several days but this will change with weekend rains. North Santiam levels will be fairly high through November.

Start looking for winters in December. Clackamas water levels are little changed and fishing is slow for mostly dark fish. Many are waiting for winter steelhead. Results have been slow to fair on the Sandy.

The next round of rainfall should improve prospects.

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