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S CAROLINA: Port Royal Sound Area – Hot for Cobia, Reds, Flounder

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

I have fished 7 of the last 10 days, and have been doing very well on Cobia and Redfish.

The Cobia have been hitting on the sandbar rips in the Broad River, taking live Herring you can catch with Sabikis in the rips. Have hooked two each day we fished for them. We got to sight fish yesterday and threw a Spro jig and gulp squid combo to 3 different fish, hooking up on 2 of them.

Lots of action with the Redfish on the shells. Fishing both the incoming and outgoing tides when the water is just leaving or just entering the grass.
We also have been putting a few flounder in the boat while redfishing. Have been using mud minnows under popping corks, which gives us a shot at Reds, Flounder and Sea Trout.

Our trout population is down. I have only put three in the boat so far this year, and released them all. Hope you will do the same. We need the spawners to recover from the cold weather kill.

Saw a number of small schools of Spanish Mackerel in the sound this week busting glass minnows.

Come to the low country of South Carolina. The fishing is excellent.

Capt. Rick Percy
Reel Chance Charters
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