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ARKANSAS: White Bass, Kentucky Bass & Largemouth Bass Schooling in Mud Lake

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

It is HOT and Largemouth Bass are very lethargic during mid day, best early and late and bite shuts off during the heat of mid-day.

The bite over the past week, has become much more seasonal with continued increase of surface temperatures, reduced current in Little River, and virtually non-existent during the hottest mid-day part of these 100+ days.

White bass, Kentucky bass, and Largemouth Bass, were schooling in Mud Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Hurricane Creek, and McGuire Lake oxbows over the past week between 6-9am chasing large pods of threadfin shad.

Surface temps were consistent over the past week’s daytime highs, and are currently ranging 85 F early to 91 F later in the afternoon hours, depending on rain, wind, incoming fresh water, location and time of day.  Call the USACE for lake level daily updates, Little River current, discharge release, and tail water levels.

Lake level as of Monday 01 August, is 255.80 mfsl, and slowly falling, which is 41″ below normal due to four foot drawdown conditions.  Normal consv. pool is 259.20 feet.  The USACE has reduced the total discharge to 348CFS (cubic feet/ second) with 5 gates open at 1 foot.  The tailwater level as of Monday was 225.39 mfsl.  Clarity on main lake is good.  Visibility is currently ranging approx 12-15 inches in the River depending on location.  The oxbow’s clarity are much improved, slight stain, but much better and ranging approx 3-5 feet visibility depending on location.  Water quality improving lake-wide, due to recent more normal weather patterns, reduced wind, and virtually no incoming rain or thunderstorms.  Clarity and visibility can change dramatically on Millwood in just a few hours with high winds.

The final of three, successive, four-foot drawdowns are in progress, and scheduled to run through mid February 2012.  These four foot drawdowns over the past 3 years have been deemed a huge success by fishermen and residents of the lake by helping eliminating unwanted vegetation and drying lake bed to increase storage capacity of the lake during normal pool levels.

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