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Friday, February 17th, 2012

Scores of smiley mackerel and frog mouth pilchards have invaded the Clyde River over the last couple of weeks.

A lot of them will probably get flushed out with the recent rain and more heavy rain predicted, but the baitfish will be back with predators in tow when the water clears.

In the meantime there has been some less expected patterns. A couple of weeks ago Rob Fish from Clyde River House Boats reported that his customers caught some Mud Crabs to 1.5 kilos. This sparked a lot of interest, so I rang Rob and found out some more.

For a start the crabs were not even caught in pots, just on standard flathead fishing lines! Further more the family who caught the Mud Crabs caught 5 that trip, and the biggest, nicknamed ‘Hercules’ actually weighed 1.9 kilos, not 1.5 kilos as was first reported…it was big enough to feed the whole family!

As it turns out, Mud Crabs have been a bit more common on the Clyde than usual this season, especially up around Nelligen where experienced ‘crabbers’ have been bagging out at times with their crab pots. But newcomers catching 5 without a pot-wow!

Global warming? The east Australian currents in a La Nina year? Or what else? Who cares-this is a big bonus for locals and tourists alike, lets hope they still happen when the run off clears.


Captain Kev from Wilderness Fishing is Mallacootas undisputed king of fishing on lure, so when he says there is some absolutely massive bream, flathead and whiting available at Mallacoota, you better believe it.

But that doesn’t they are easy to catch them-many Mallacoota anglers I spoke too missed out! He mumbled something about salinity, weather cycles and slow retrieves. Sounds like it’s time again for me to get down and find out just what new techniques he has pioneered on this amazing system. Can’t wait.


You may have read that the Storm Pro Shad is one of my favorite jewfish, flathead, Snapper and Murray Cod soft plastics because the tail wriggles seductively even when the lure is just moving along at a snails pace, but there is much more to it.

I’d been playing around with some different plastics again to see what else is new on the market, but found that the super soft varieties that wiggle well at slow speed don’t stay on the hook that well. Further more few have the baby Tailor shaped profile-and baby Tailor are our most common estuary bait fish thru much of the year.

Yet another obstacle was a finding an ultra thin body that permits hookups even when the lure fouls on the bite, as often happens. Another thing I look for is prominent ribs to hold scent in the body.

The Pro Shad has none of the above problems, yet all of the positive attributes, and this is why I came back to it yet again-it is still the best soft plastic of its type on the market.

Meanwhile out on the coast line Adam Giatras and friends evened the score with a few big jewfish when they speared two honkers one of which was well over the 1.4 meter mark! Now before line anglers say hey-that’s cheating, consider this-Adam is an experienced spear fisho, and has been trying to get his first jewfish for over 5 years!

All this is off the back of the bonafide 100 pound jewfish caught near the Shoalhaven River mouth a few weeks back. Seems like there is no end to the resurgence of this species. Punch my name into the You Tube Search Bar and you can see some local video footage of this amazing species.


I noticed that when I say it this heading it has a Clint Eastwood ‘Smith and Wesson’ ring to it. That’s because when locals Ray Smith and Dean Dawson fish together off the rocks the fish are in the firing line.

The duo hit pretty point and hooked an 8 foot Hammerhead Shark on Rays new Okuma Salina 2 Spin Reel. The fight was gun smoking hot-these sharks will make a similar sized marlin blush in the combined speed and power department. After nearly being spooled twice Ray got the beast in and tagged it. A shark this big off the rocks on spin gear-that’s something!

See you on the water

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