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OREGON: Late Summer Steelhead from Barton Park to Rivermill Dam

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Mediocre salmon fishing continues at Bonneville, although fish passage over the dam is dwindling. A few chinook and the occasional coho are caught by boaters and bank anglers alike. Bait-wrapped Kwikfish and spinners are getting fish for the boaters, while wobblers and spin n glows are preferred by fishermen working off the shore. The October opener for sturgeon has been cancelled due to the quota being caught but remains open for catch and release.

The Willamette River is producing a handful of smallmouth for anglers putting in some effort. Last week some coho were reported off the mouth of the Clackamas River, but the falls count dropped significantly earlier this week.

October caddis are hatching in the evening on the McKenzie River. Matching this hatch will yield large trout.

There are a few coho in the North Santiam which is open for them to the Stayton/Scio Bridge. It opens upstream on November 1.

The Clackamas has put out a few coho and almost an equal amount of late summer steelhead from Barton Park upstream to Rivermill Dam, but anglers are working hard for a few opportunities.

The Sandy River has been a disappointment to coho anglers as of yet, but some hold hope that there is still more to come. A few have been caught at the mouth and even fewer up at Cedar Creek but the forecasted rain for the weekend could bring a strong push.

The Guides Forecast

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Transom Mounts
5 Inch Offset & 10Ft Pole
10 Inch Offset & 10Ft Pole
Bolt On
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Trolling Mount & 10ft Pole
5" Transom Mt & 3" Rise Bow Mt & (2) 10Ft Pole
10" Transom Mt & 3" Rise Bow Mt & (2) 10Ft Poles
5" Transom Mt & 6" Rise Bow Mt (2) 10Ft Poles
10" Transom Mt & 6" Rise Bow Mt (2) 10Ft Poles
Bolt On
Motor Mt & 3" Rise Bow Mt & (2) 10Ft Pole
Motor Mt & 6" Rise Bow Mt & (2) 10Ft Pole