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ONTARIO: Canada – Egg Pattern Baits Starting To Come In

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Lake Ontario and tributaries – With the recent rains and cooler weather this past week, quite a few more trout and salmon have made their way up 18 Mile Creek to Burt Dam. Reports of king salmon, brown trout and steelhead all being caught on egg pattern baits are starting to come in a bit more frequently. Pier casters, when the winds allow them to be out there, are starting to catch a few coho salmon, too. In addition, Wilson anglers are casting the piers for browns. In the harbor, the perch are coming in consistently, too. Not too much lake trolling going on with the recent winds on the lake.

Lower Niagara River – Lower Niagara River action has been steady for salmon, with a few more trout starting to show up. For boaters, treated egg skein is the way to go, fished off three-way rigs. If the bite turns tough, try pulling K11 Kwikfish off the same three way set-up. Shore casters off the fishing platform or along the shoreline of the gorge have been casting spoons, spinners, rattlebaits and eggs fished under a float. Several lake trout were caught the past week in Devil’s Hole, bringing us a reminder that lake trout season is closed until the end of the year as those fish perform their spawning rituals. Speaking of lake trout, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking for some help in tagging some lake trout on the Niagara Bar the week of Oct. 22 and 29. If you are interested in helping out, give Dimitry Gorsky a call at (207) 745-4494. They will also be looking for help to recapture the floy tags after the fact. We will keep you posted. Tip of the week is from Capt. Frank Campbell of Niagara Falls who insists that when fishing on the water make sure that you have something to wipe off the hands of friends and customers. Eating a greasy sub can lead to disaster if it causes you to lose an expensive rod and reel outfit when a hefty salmon grabs hold!

Upper Niagara River – Water temperatures are starting to cool – good news for musky and bass fishermen. Musky action in the East River has been good with large monster tubes or body baits. Focus on the weed line areas. Around Strawberry Island and near the Huntley Station power facility are good spots, too. For bass, the same weed areas will hold fish on the outside edges. Live bait like crayfish, shiners and leeches will catch fish. The head of the river is still producing a mix of bass and walleye. It won’t be long before a few trout start showing up off places like the Bird Island Pier.

Bill Hilts Jr

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