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OREGON: Target 15 to 20 foot of Water Using Spinners with Coon Shrimp

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Although counts at Bonneville are ramping up for salmon, catch rates remain subdued in the gorge as fish are more likely to pass upstream in the warmer water temperatures. There will be occasional flurries of action but the more consistent fishing is likely to happen later in September and October when water temperatures begin to drop.

Steelhead action has also slowed with the warming temperatures but remains a very viable option for both bank and boat anglers working the Bonneville area. Fish are typically traveling in deeper lanes however; target 15 to 20 foot of water using spinners tipped with coon shrimp right on the bottom.

Downstream, boaters working wobblers on the outgoing tide are beginning to show promising catches of fall chinook in the Portland to Longview stretch, particularly around the mouth of the Cowlitz. Although this fishery is still weeks away from peaking, a strong early showing is to be expected with the large run predicted this year.

Daily Chinook and steelhead counts have fallen to single digits in the 70-degree water at Willamette Falls. Bass fishing is good above the Falls.

Fly anglers are enjoying steady results in stable water conditions on the McKenzie with flurries of activity early and late in the day.

Fishing is near standstill on the Sandy with the river milky due to glacial runoff.

Steelheading has been fair at times on the Clackamas with early mornings the only chance to fish.

Steelheading has been slow on the North Santiam with conditions best at Packsaddle. South Santiam prospects are somewhat better.

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