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MARYLAND: Striped Bass Being Caught at the Base of the Conowingo Dam

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Fishermen continue to catch white perch and channel catfish in the upper most limits of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries this week. A few striped bass are also being caught at the base of the Conowingo Dam. Fishermen are reporting good fishing for white perch in and around Baltimore Harbor and out in the bay at the shoals, reefs and knolls outside the harbor. They are also reporting small striped bass chasing baitfish such as bay anchovies in the harbor area and out in the bay. Closer to the Bay Bridge and Love Point, fishermen are finding a larger grade of striped bass under the small striped bass chasing bait on the surface. These same larger fish are also holding near deep structure such as the steep channel edges near Podickory Point, Love Point and other structure such as the sewer pipe and bridge piers. Jigging, live lining spot, chumming and trolling are all good ways to fish. Small bluefish are also part of the mix fishermen will find above the bay bridge.

In the middle bay region fishermen are finding a mix of striped bass, bluefish and Spanish mackerel spread throughout the region. Some of the better locations for live lining spot for striped bass have been the Hill, south of Poplar Island near Buoy 83, the False Channel and Diamonds areas. Bluefish are very much part of the scene and have been chopping up live baits on a regular schedule. Once fishermen have fish under the boat chunking fresh spot can work as well as live baits in many instances. A mix of striped bass, bluefish and Spanish mackerel can be found chasing bay anchovies throughout the entire middle bay region. Casting small spoons, jigging underneath the surface action or trolling along channel edges has been a good way to catch them. Most fishermen are trolling small Drone and Clark spoons behind inline weights or planers.

Fishing for white perch in the tidal rivers in the middle and lower bay regions continues to be very good this week. Casting small spinners, jigs and spinnerbaits along shoreline structure has been very productive. Fishermen are also finding spot and small red drum in the same areas as well as a few legal size striped bass. Bottom fishing for spot and white perch in the deeper waters in the lower sections of the tidal rivers in the middle bay area are good this week. Eastern Bay, Hackett’s Bar, the lower Choptank, the Severn and West Rivers have been good places to fish with bloodworms. Marcial Amigo enjoyed casting a Beetle Spin near Thomas Point and bringing home these nice white perch.

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