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AUSTRALIA: Gossy is Well into Becoming Adept at Catching Flattys on Lures

Monday, November 7th, 2011


Well known and much loved radio identity and voice artist Dave Gosper has got right into his fishing and hits the water with his kayak when ever he can. Dave helped me with some voice lessons when I started my media career many moons ago, and I return the favor with some fishing advice when possible.

Gossy is well into becoming adept at catching flattys on lures, but has been keen on some bream as well so I suggested a switch to bait along with some pointers as per the chapter on the topic in my instructional DVD.

He returned all smiles with having caught a couple of bream, and, funny as ever, said that they were so big his wife still believes he detoured to the fish shop on the way home. I believe him…the smile was way too big to be a fib.


A few years back I fished with a bloke called Doddy from Port Lincoln in South Australia. Not only is this guy a freakish Fisherman, he is a real character with a contagious laugh.

Everyone on that trip from my producer, Camera Man, super model guest (Erin McNaught), myself and the rest of the gang will never forget the fishing and Doddys entertaining ability. Not surprisingly it was one of our best rating episodes ever.

I made him promise me that if he ever starts a charter boat he should call me, and that’s exactly what he’s gone and done.

A superb 9m cat ensures that when you catch those massive meter plus Snapper, King George Whiting, bluefish tuna and other fish he’s famous for, you will be doing it in comfort and style.

And I bet you all you like you won’t return with out a hint of his laugh in your own laugh. He doesn’t have a web site just yet, he’s one of those hidden gems that is harder to find, but you can find him on his mobile: 0428 630 253. Highly recommended fishing action and entertainment all rolled into one.


Lakes Jindabyne and Eucumbene are fishing well on all the usual techniques, but a floating artificial dough bait tipped with scrub worms or bardi grub to help keep the dough bait from coming off is by far the best option for both numbers of medium sized rainbow and some XL sized browns.

Fished using a 14 gram running sinker rig, and the all important size 12 hook all via a nice light 3 kilo glo tip outfit and you are in for some real fun.

Interestingly, the water level drop in Lake Jindabyne that was used to help flush the Snowy River below has meant even better fishing for some observant anglers.

Mike Nicholls fished Hatchery Bay and reported that in areas the weed bands around the edges have been compressed from 30 meters wide down to around 5 meters wide. This has concentrated food and trout, and if you can find this habitat the fishing is exceptional.

Mike had his best polarizing sessions ever spotting on average around 5 big browns every hour or so, but as is sometimes the case they were hard to tempt on fly. While modern bait fishing strategies is bringing more of these fish undone, Mike has decided to continue chasing them on fly purely for the challenge factor.

Meanwhile the Eucumbene and Thredbo Rivers are still producing a reasonable numbers of Rainbow Trout along with the occasional brown as well.

With caddis hatches, flying ant falls and other insect activity occurring the rivers have come alive with rising fish at times and fly anglers lucky enough to be there at the time are getting some good sport.

For lure anglers on the streams there is a cool new twist on an old favorite. Friends of mine have been using the new Vibrax Glo in the Dark Spinners with great results on the rivers very early and late in the day and even into the dark. But to add to this ‘glowing report’, these lures now have a specialized two part main body which not only casts very well, it eliminates line twist which up to now has been a problem with these types of lures.

See you on the water.

Rob Paxevanos

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