N. CAROLINA: Fresh Cut Shrimp on Regular Two Hook Bottom Rigs or Carolina Rigs

April 5th, 2013

Hi Folks,

Another fishing season is taking off and hopefully with a great start. Weather is calming down and warming up and the water temps are responding and so are the fish. Weather through the rest of this week is forecast to be calmer and warmer and next week the 70’s come out in force! I hope all of you had a nice winter and are ready for fishing season. Here we go with our first report:


The best bets right now are small puppy drum and some nice black drum. You can catch both on fresh cut shrimp, fished on regular two hook bottom rigs or Carolina rigs around docks and the Masonboro jetty. Best tide would be falling.


At high tide the blues should be chomping on jigs at the mouth of Masonboro Inlet. False albacore should be expected from the shore out 10 miles. The bonito should show very soon. Your favorite jig should catch any of these fishes.


Except for some decent bottom fishing, it’s a bit early for anything else to be biting under 40 miles.


Recent weather and winds have prevented most boats from trips to the stream. That should change very soon and look for good reports to come in our next report.


For you inshore fisherman, this is where it is happening right now. Nice speckled trout and some good stripers are biting

Until next time…LET’S GO FISHING!!!

“Fishing is Our Business”

Capt. Richard Bennett
Rod-Man Inc.
P: 910.520.7661

S. CAROLINA: Live Baits, Softbaits & Topwaters Produce this Spring

April 5th, 2013

With some tough fishing conditions with all the wind, rain, and cold weather we’ve been having, the Redfish are still the main target in the lowcountry.

Water temps are still in the low to mid fifties, and we need to see them climb up into the high 60’s and get our spring run started.

The Cobia will show in the Port Royal Sound when the water temps hit 68 degrees.

There have been some reports of trout bites, and I am looking forward to a banner spring and summer bite with some nice trout. Our carryover from our mild winter should put this year on record as one of the best trout seasons we will have had in years.

Live baits, softbaits, and topwaters will all produce this spring.

Along with the Redfish, Cobia, and other pelagics arriving getting a bite should not be that difficult. Better come on down to South Carolina Lowcountry and give it a try this year.

Capt. Rick Percy
Reel Chance Charters
p: 803-535-6166

GEORGIA: Fat Hybrid Striped Bass Show Up On Oconee

April 5th, 2013

It is the time of year when the fat hybrid striped bass show up on Oconee and they are jacked up and ready to go!!

Over the past week we have boated more huge fish than we have seen in the last 2 months. They are doing the spawning thing and their bellies are just full and tight. This is going to last a few more weeks and then the stripers will show up.

Give us a call if you want to get on these monsters.

Capt. Doug Nelms
BigFishHeads Guide Service
p: 770-354-0300

ALABAMA: Topwater Picking Up, Grab Zara Super Spooks & Red Fins

April 5th, 2013

We have finally got the warmer weather we’ve been waiting for. Over the weekend fish were scattered and on the move. Start looking in staging areas and up in the creeks. Concentrate on area with depths from 1- 45 feet. Planner boards, balloons, and in-line floats are top live bait presentations this time of year. We have still not seen a major push yet, but fish are staging up. It want be long tell we see a strong move up the creek. While we have landed a couple in the high 20’s numbers are not there yet.

Topwater is picking up so grab a couple Zara Super Spooks and Red Fins. Remember when live live bait fishing up the creeks, use big baits to catch the big ones. Shad between 12″ -15″ are prefect size baits to free line while casting up front with topwater baits.

On a side note, got a report that Inland lake is open again and the water temp is 57 degrees. If you have a day this weekend or next week. I’d be fishing in the shallows up creeks looking for big ones. Only one ramp is open, with the dam launch being closed.

Mike Walker
Fishing 24/7 Guide Sevice
p: 205-503-2020

MISSISSIPPI: Snappers Hitting Squid on the Drop Shot Rigs

April 5th, 2013

The Biloxi, Ms Charter boat Whipasnapa, has really enjoyed some fine south Mississippi weather along with some great friends and fishing action this week. WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Got in another rig trip Sat. with calm seas great companionship and absolutely beautiful weather and crystal blue water. As we shut ol Whipasnapa down some 50 miles out there the 1st words out of every bodies mouth was the water is mighty blue captain. After two quick stops to gather up some live hard tails and big blue fish for bait we headed over to 265 area where the action was tremendous. With a 6 man crew of Bud light stock holders that didn’t have a bet on the biggest or the most fish caught, but on who could consume the most bud light!!! Not sure who won cause as they left that evening it was down to 2 guys an they were still going strong!!! (sure nuff professionals). Anyway, good time was had as we kept 2 guys on the drop shot rigs hitting the lil wench men, white snapper, an several lesser Ajs!! Two on some amberjack action and couple kept usentertained on some large king mackerel and sharks. As ya’ll know 1 or 2 Amberjacks back to back will surely make you need a beer break. But, so will a couple of big kings an sharks. Of course dropping down an reeling anything in down 270 ft well most diffidently make you need a (BEER BREAK). Seemed to be the most common phrase of the day fir sur (BEER BREAK)!!!! Just about as quick as you could get a bait down or in the water period something was going to eat it, and as you were reeling that something in most of the time it was going to get eaten by something even bigger!!! OH SHITTT!! 🙂 (BEER BREAK) Lots of heavy action for sure!! Bout worked me lil fingers off!!!!

The lil snappers were hitting squid on the drop shot rigs. The lesser amberjack where hitting a lil sparkle beetle jig, kings and amberjack were hitting live hard tails and blues, the sharks, barracuda’s an kings were hitting anything we had hooked an were trying to get in the boat. Probably only got half the fish we hooked in whole, the rest were bitten in half or engulfed an ripped off the hook!!! Or took fish hook, line, n sinker!!! (BEER BREAK)

On the way back towards Biloxi, we stopped on couple ol snapper spots and let the guys fight a few beautiful red snapper!! Most were low 20s high teens. But they were diffidently there an just a tad hungry!! Should not be a problem keepin our limiting out streak alive come snapper season!!!

Inshore is really coming around also. The ol white trout, ground mullet are starting to show up on the reefs and still hitting a few reds, specks, flounder here and there. Hit and miss on live bait but definitely do lil better when they have the live shrimp!!

Still able to catch the reds, black drum, and of course the ground mullet and white trout with the fresh dead. Winds are laying, water temps are hitting the mid 60’s and high expectations are definitely setting in!!! Cobia’s surely within 1 to 2 weeks away for sure. SHOOO I NEED A BEER BREAK!!!!!

So come on jump aboard and lets go hook’m up!!!

Capt. Robert McDaniel
Whipasnapa Charters
p: 228-229-6978




LOUISIANA: Green Hornet Matrix Shad & Blue Tiger HLT Swimmer Jrs

April 5th, 2013

Nice having James Young back on board. James brought his wife Angie, & 12yr old twins Kaitlyn, and Hailey.

We left out of the Reel Inn Lodge after daybreak. Calm and clean water found at our first couple stops but zero fish. We made a little move and got on a quick bite.

Kaitlyn had the hot rod as she was slinging fish after fish in the boat. Once the bite played out we made a move and found another good bite. Once again Kaitlyn started us off reeling in the first few fish, then everyone started reeling in fish. The girls burnt out quickly as they were napping on the back deck by 9:30.

We hit a few more areas picking away at the fish before the girls were ready to head in. We were back at the Lodge around 12 and had a great time putting a good mess of fish together. Green Hornet Matrix Shad and Blue Tiger HLT Swimmer Jrs did all the damage today.

Thanks guys as I enjoyed fishing with you.

Capt. Marty LaCoste
Absolute Fishing Charters
p: 985-856-4477

FLORIDA: Live Bait & Artificials for the Redfish

April 5th, 2013

After a week of cold weather and strong north winds, our water temperatures are finally back up in the mid 70s near Sanibel.

Last week we had a few tough days of fishing, but things are back on track now. Even on tough days, we still managed to catch some quality fish most days, and had the option of drifting for seatrout to keep the rods bent. We have had great fishing this week, and that will continue for the rest of the month as long as we don’t have any more cold weather.

The tarpon have started to show up, and we should have good tarpon fishing in 2-3 weeks. Our primary targets have still been redfish and seatrout on most fishing charters.

I have been fishing live bait and artificials for the redfish and trout. Topwater plugs have produced a lot of nice fish, as well as paddletail jigs and twitchbaits. Live shrimp have also been very productive. I have been in Pine Island Sound on most fishing charters. We have also fished the flats inside Sanibel and Captiva.

Capt. Daniel Andrews
Captain Daniel Andrews Fishing Charters
p: 239-989-9352

AUSTRALIA: Catching Redfin on New Stump-jumper Finesse Lures in Pink

March 1st, 2013

Making the Journey to Lake Toolondo near Horsham on Saturday, Trevor Holmes and his cousin Rod Rees found the water level low and access difficult. Never the less, using their new Stump-jumper finesse lures in pink, they did catch a number of redfin, including one of 800 grams, but no trout.

Jason Andrew with a gummy shark taken off St Leonards.

Also fishing for redfin, but in Cowies Creek in Seagull Paddock Norlane was Jake Hoskin and a friend. Casting lures they caught three redfin and no doubt will be back for more.

Arriving back home in the afternoon, Trevor was by no means done for the day, and in the evening, headed out to Wurdi Boluc Reservoir. Here, casting his reliable Strike Pro Bob’n spoon, landed a number of redfin which were mostly small, but with three going better than a kilogram; one of them weighed 1.82 kg.

Geoff Wilson

WASHINGTON: Anglers Focusing Efforts On Early Spring Chinook

March 1st, 2013

SW Washington

Most anglers in the district are focusing their efforts on an early spring chinook. Effort and catches should begin to ramp up in the coming weeks, especially if water conditions continue to warm and flows remain stable. Anglers in the Cathlamet area are taking a rare chinook on herring.

Steelheaders in the area are focused on wild fish primarily. Hatchery returns to the Cowlitz, Kalama, Lewis and Washougal remain low. For clarification, only the North Fork of the Lewis from Johnson Creek upstream is closed. The mainstem Lewis remains open.

Klineline Pond was planted

The Guides Forecast

OREGON: Smelt, Herring, Sand Shrimp & Earthworms Are The Baits That Get Bites

March 1st, 2013

Willamette Valley/Metro

The Willamette River continues to put out the occasional, early spring chinook despite a slight rise and increased turbidity. Reported catches have come in from the Multnomah Channel all the way up to Oregon City, with Sellwood and Willamette Park being the hot spots. Green label herring is the bait of choice for the majority of anglers, but as you move upriver from Milwaukie, prawns, sand shrimp and cured roe are more prevalent. The random steelhead continues to get caught up at Meldrum Bar and the blacktop, but most anglers here are targeting salmon by now.

Catch and release sturgeon fishing remains good, when anglers put their time in on the outgoing tides. Smelt, herring, sand shrimp and earthworms are the baits that get bites.

McKenzie water levels are variable this week but the river will be productive whenever the water level is dropping. Caddis patterns will be effective for redsides.

The South Santiam is recovering from a spike in the water level, which occurred late last week. Boats are drifting the North Santiam from Mehama to Stayton during which a few steelhead have been caught.

On the Clackamas River, the water conditions are at optimum but the steelhead fishing could be better. Local anglers are getting a few and resident guides are having a hit or miss season, but the river has seen better seasons. Expect water conditions to remain steady through the weekend.

On the Sandy River, steelhead fishermen are enjoying better days despite the fluctuating river levels. This season, the Sandy River could be called NW Oregon’s “bright spot” for steelhead. The recent rains brought the river back up to healthy level and good reports have come in since the river began its drop. It’s been a mix of about 50/50 wild fish to hatchery fish and they have been averaging a bit on the large side.

Henry Hagg Lake opens for the season on Saturday, March 2nd. It will be stocked with 18,000 legal-sized trout this week.

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