Sweetwater Pontoon Boat

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Several Mounts & Poles Available

Dig IN Anchors Will Work on Your Boat…

Our shallow water anchors have been installed on boats all over the United States and Canada. From Maine to Georgia and Florida to Texas. Out west in California too. Dig IN works along the Coast, on Lakes and in Rivers. Stop depending on or wearing down a trolling motor to keep your boat positioned as you fish a dependable hole. Forget heaving a heavy anchor on to the sandbar. Dig IN eliminates constant resetting of your anchor.

Developed by Boaters for Boaters

Once you get a Pole Style Shallow Water Anchor, you’ll wonder … Why don’t I have this! Dig IN is the best way to, anchor easily, control your boat position and keep silent when needed. No more dealing with the splash, mess and wasted storage space that rope and claw anchors require.

Designed for Tournament Fisherman Who Fish in Shallow Water

Dig IN, Stay Put & Catch More Fish By Keeping the Boat Straight & Still

The Dig IN Shallow Water Anchor is a simple and easy way to stop your boat’s movement. It’s a simple addition to any Recreational boat, Bass boat, Flats boat, Kayak or Skiff.