MISSOURI: Early & Late Topwater Baits the Best Option

Fishing guides have moved away from sight fishing over the past week, there are very few fish still on beds and the post spawn pattern is in full swing on the lower end. Early and late topwater baits have been the best option; watch for schooling fish and throw Sammies, Spooks and Pop-r’s. Weightless Tightlines UV broken back jerks have been working well when fish drop below the surface, cast the lure weightless and count it down around a 10 count and work the bait back in with an erratic retrieve.

Kimberling City:
Topwater baits early and late have been just as effective in the mid lake as in Branson; fishing guides continue to put fish in the boat with a variety of topwater offerings. When the sun gets up switch to a Jewel Squirrel head or Pro Spider jig and work gravel points from 10′ – 18′ deep. The best colors on the jig have been PB&J or green pumpkin candy match with a J-Tail trailer. On the Squirrel head a UV finesse worm or UV Beaver in UV green red flake is tough to beat.

James River:
There are still a few fish on beds in the James but every day the numbers have been diminishing making it a less viable pattern. Topwater bait have been very effective for Branson fishing guides in the James as well; just like on the rest of the lake watch for schooling activity to locate fish. There have been some very large schools of white bass working early in the day on the lower James, watch gravel flats on the main lake for schooling fish and throw pop-r’s and Webb tail spoons. Several fish have been coming off of secondary points near spawning pockets, Jewel ½ oz. football jigs in orange craw and brown purple flash with J-Tail trailers have been the ticket.

White River:
Branson fishing guides have been catching fish all day long on the White River. Early throw Spooks and Sammies around schooling fish, as these fish subside on the surface switch to a Tightlines UV broken back big jerk and fish it weightless. Once the sun comes up change to Tightlines UV tubes in UV green and UV green red flake and drag the bottom from 8′ – 15′ on gravel points and pockets.

Capt. Eric Prey
Focused fishing Guide Service
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