LOUISIANA: Catching Many Redfish in Murky Water

We have been out on the water a bunch the last month, and we have been catching many Redfish in murky water. We have had some days where we really had to work hard for our fish, because the wind has blown so hard. The wind just makes it tough to move around if the bite is not on where you start the day fishing. Sometimes, the first spot we start fishing turns out great, but sometimes the fish are not where you left them, and the wind changes directions, so you have to abandon an area that is holding fish. Fortunately, the wind has settled down the last week and a half, which makes my job a lot easier. It also helps me look like I know what I am doing. We can catch a lot of fish on windy days at times, but wind sucks.

I have sinned a few times the last month and bought some live bait. Minnows to be specific. The wind made me do it. The minnows did their job on some rough days. I am sorry.

The slot Redfish have been easy to come by here lately for my clients who wanted fish to take home, but the big bull Redfish is what most of my clients have wanted. We have been wearing them out. The biggest this week has been 34.5 lbs. with four more over 30lbs. Dozens over 25lbs. dozens more over 20 lbs. When my clients catch a 23lbs. Redfish and say they are disappointed because they thought it was bigger because it fought so hard, things are really going pretty well. Also, when I have to rig up a bunch of tackle every day after a trip, you know you are on the big Redfish. I find that pre-rigging the corks and leaders saves time on the trip.

So, everyone from North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, and Tennessee say they had a great time. The guys from Alabama had one great day, then one tough day, then I cancelled the last day due to all day electrical storms, but they say they are coming back in the fall. Every one sais they liked the food and my camp. Folks like to see the ships off the front porch while having a drink. come on down and get in on some great fishing.

Capt. Shawn Lanier
Fish On Guide Service
P: 225-205-5353