ALABAMA: Lake Eufaula – Shallow Cover Producing Fish at Sunrise

Bass Early top water bite is exciting, frog’s and spinner baits are working.

The shallow cover is producing fish at sunrise, better if shad are working. The pressure from the tournaments over the past month make working different baits and colors a must. Deep fish are being caught in 18 feet or less. Any type of cover or trash pile are holding a few fish per location. The fish are still scattered in this transition period. As the day’s heat up, they will stack up more. Cranks, Jig and Ledgebuster spinner baits are the trick. Carolina Rigs do not need to be overlooked.

Bream are eating crickets and worms around the banks, near shore cover. May fly’s are beginning to show up, this will start a feeding frenzy near the limbs hanging over the water where the may fly’s are. The bream feeding on the fly’s will attract the bass, making a hot spot for bream and bass fishermen.

Crappie are still biting minnows, more on the drops on creek and river ledges now. Some night fishermen are still catching fish around the bridge pilings and causeway.

Catfish are very active. Jug fishing had gotten very good. Cut bait is the deal. It is especially fun if you want to keep youngsters active on the water. Rig a hook on a bream buster, flatten the barb and lift the jugs with the pole. It is like fighting the fish on a regular pole and you will not lose as many as you do when hand lining.

The days get hot really quick on the water. Be sure and keep plenty of water and sun screen with you. Re apply the sun screen as you sweat during the day. Enjoy the time on the water, it is especially good for building family memories.

God Bless & Good Fishn’

Capt. Sam Williams
Hawk’s Fishing & Hunting Guide Service
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