NEW YORK: On Lake Alice the Bluegill Bite has been Fairly Consistent

Well it looks like we are finally getting to some better weather for an extended period of time.

With the Erie Canal almost full and the temperatures coming up in our smaller lakes, Glenwood Lake and Lake Alice, our fishable waters increase dramatically.

Presently the water in the Erie Canal is still on the cold side, so don’t look for much action in the canal for a week or so.
On Lake Alice the Bluegill bite has been fairly consistent, mainly around the Kenyonville Bridge area but it’s picking up around the Waterport Bridge area.

On the tributaries within Orleans County Steelhead/Rainbow trout are still being taken occasionally but not with any consistency.

Suckers on the other hand are still on the increase.

There has been a die off of Gizzard Shad on both Lake Erie and Ontario that seems to be due to winter conditions.
Bullhead fishing on all of our tributaries is very strong as is Perch fishing mainly on the “Oak” from the bridges to the Point.
May 3rd is the opening of the Spring LOC Derby.

On Lake Ontario, fishing the waters off Orleans County is proving to be very productive.

It seems to be common for people to catch at least 5 of the 6 cold water species on an outing.

Please don’t forget that Bass season doesn’t open until the 3rd Saturday in June so this time of year it’s catch and immediately release. Let’s make everyday a great fishing day, right here in Orleans County.

Mike Waterhouse
Olreans County Tourism
p: 585-589-3103