MISSOURI: Stickbaits & Wiggle Warts Continue to Produce


Fishing guide trips have been very productive when the weather cooperates; cold, rainy days have made the bite tough but when the sun shines the bite has been fantastic. Full suns warms surface temperatures moving shad and in turn Table Rock bass to the surface and the shallows. Stickbaits and wiggle warts continue to produce on windy days, look for wind swept banks with a mix of rock and gravel to be the most productive. On calm days Jewel football and spider jigs matched with J-Tail or Tightlines UV jig trailers will produce in these same areas.

Kimberling City:

Sun and wind makes the bite better in the mid lake area just like in Branson. Fishing guides continue to do well fishing shallow with stickbaits, wiggle warts and Jewel Jigs. Umbrella rigs have also produced well even with rising water temperatures. Look for fish to be on main lake and secondary points that have a transition from rock to gravel to be the most productive areas. Tightlines UV shad and Big Jerk soft baits have been the best options on a rig.

James River:

Run off from recent rains have added more color to the James River, the color is nice but it does result in some extreme water temperature swings. On cloudy days the water temperature rarely breaks 48 degrees, on sunny days it can reach 55 or better. With that in mind the afternoon bite has been better for Branson fishing guides than early mornings, allowing the water to warm will make a huge difference. The same patterns working in the mid lake have been effective, add to that a square bill crankbait around laydowns and wood cover on shallow flats. Work the crankbait in and around the cover to draw strikes.

White River:

Branson fishing guides continue to do well with Tightlines UV grubs fished either on a ¼ oz. head or on an Umbrella rig. Most of the grub fish are being caught on flat gravel points on both the main lake and in the large creek arms. Bass have been suspending around 10′ deep over 15′ – 20′ on calm days so count either rig down about a five or six count and then begin a moderate retrieve. On windy days Table Rock bass move shallower and can be caught as shallow as three or four feet deep. Jewel football and spider jigs are working on channel swing banks in the larger creek arms. Look for the last couple of swings in a creek to be the most productive.

Capt. Eric Prey
Focused fishing Guide Service
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