MARYLAND: Fishing Will Improve in the Next Week or So

This past Saturday was of course the opening day of the trophy Striped Bass season and many veteran Striped Bass fishermen see it just as that; the “start”; the fishing will improve in the next week or so.

The morning started out nice enough with flat conditions but by mid-morning that soon changed to whitecaps and very rough conditions that had many fishermen hanging on for dear life and some folks were chumming overboard.
Most fishermen described the trolling action as a “slow pick” on Saturday and Sunday and there were also reports of better action in the evenings.

Surface water temperatures in the bay are around 56-degrees and about 10-degrees cooler down deep so most of the fish are swimming close to the surface in the shipping channel. Traditional locations along the steepest edges of the shipping channel tended to produce the best catches such as Bloody Point and the western edge from Chesapeake Beach south to Cove Point as well as Buoys 83 and 72. The channel edges in the lower Potomac River produced fish and fishermen are reporting very good success in Tangier Sound in the past three days.

Dept of Natural Resources