CONNECTICUT: TROUT (Opening Day) Some Large Trout Over 6 Pounds

TROUT – Opening Day

Early rains and cool weather contributed to a slow start for Opening Day. Catches of some large trout over 6 pounds jumped started the season for a number of anglers. Eight of the eleven Trout Parks were stocked on Opening Day and the many kids present enjoyed helping us stock. Over 380,000 trout were stocked throughout the state before Opening Day and DEEP’s in-season stocking is now underway with over 245,000 additional trout scheduled to be stocked between Opening Day and the end of May.

Rivers & streams
Conditions should be good for trout fishing this weekend. Flows are very fishable, although generally lower than typical spring levels, comfortable weather is forecast, and there are plenty of recently stocked trout waiting for anglers.

CT Fish & Wildlife