CANADA: Lake Ontario & Tributaries – Action is Starting to Turn On

In Lake Ontario, action is slowly starting to turn on as the waters continue to warm. With 42 degree water coming into Lake Ontario from the Niagara River and the shoreline temperatures even warmer – especially off creek mouths – trollers have been picking up a mixed bag inside of 40 foot depths that have included brown trout, Coho salmon, lake trout and the occasional king salmon according to Capt.

Bob Cinelli of Newfane. Stickbaits and spoons are both catching fish. Remember that the Lake Ontario Counties spring trout and salmon derby is just around the corner, set for May 3 to 12.

Wes Walker at The Slippery Sinker reports that pier action is still available for trout and coho salmon off the piers at Wilson and Olcott.

Harbor action in Wilson has been for bullhead, perch and the occasional northern pike. Perch and pike can be caught in Olcott. Some trout are still hanging out at Burt Dam and 18 Mile Creek.

The rain on Wednesday will probably bring water levels up and create turbid conditions for a few days.

The pen project will be receiving their steelhead this week and their salmon on April 30.

Bill Hilts Jr