CALIFORNIA: San Pablo Bay – Excellent Action for Striped Bass & Sturgeon

Keith Fraser of Loch Lomond Bait and Tackle reported excellent action for both striped bass and sturgeon with either live or frozen mud shrimp.

Ross Peterson of San Rafael caught and released 10 stripers to 18-pounds and two oversized sturgeon in the 130-pound range fishing east of the Pumphouse in 11 feet of water on Friday, and he returned on Sunday to release 4 more bass to 14-pounds and 3 legal sturgeon. Peterson only uses mud shrimp, and although he prefers it live, he will settle for frozen. If the shop is out of mud shrimp, he will wait for another day to go fishing.

Fraser liked the upcoming smaller tides for halibut drifting with, you got it – Loch Lomond shiners. He has plenty of frozen mud shrimp in the shop and is hoping for more of the fresh stuff this week.

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