ALABAMA: Topwater Picking Up, Grab Zara Super Spooks & Red Fins

We have finally got the warmer weather we’ve been waiting for. Over the weekend fish were scattered and on the move. Start looking in staging areas and up in the creeks. Concentrate on area with depths from 1- 45 feet. Planner boards, balloons, and in-line floats are top live bait presentations this time of year. We have still not seen a major push yet, but fish are staging up. It want be long tell we see a strong move up the creek. While we have landed a couple in the high 20’s numbers are not there yet.

Topwater is picking up so grab a couple Zara Super Spooks and Red Fins. Remember when live live bait fishing up the creeks, use big baits to catch the big ones. Shad between 12″ -15″ are prefect size baits to free line while casting up front with topwater baits.

On a side note, got a report that Inland lake is open again and the water temp is 57 degrees. If you have a day this weekend or next week. I’d be fishing in the shallows up creeks looking for big ones. Only one ramp is open, with the dam launch being closed.

Mike Walker
Fishing 24/7 Guide Sevice
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