S CAROLINA: Redfish – Fish Them with Soft Plastics Like Gulps or Live Mud Minnows

Prime month to catch Redfish sight fishing on the flats.

The fish are in large schools, trying to stay away from the oh so prevalent “friendly Flipper”. Redfish are one of the main staples of Dolphin diets this time of year. we fish them with soft plastics like Gulps, or live mud minnows. Casting ahead of the school and letting them come to the baits seems to work the best, although I have thrown right in the middle of the school and hooked up numerous times. Trying to be quiet in the boat pays big dividends, as once you spook these fish they may shut off completely. And fly fishermen are in their zenith this time of year, sight casting to cruising fish.

The weather plays a huge role in success, as slick calm days are few and far between, but offfer the best shot at putting decent numbers in the boat.

Capt. Rick Percy
Reel Chance Charters
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