NEW YORK: Johnson Creek Good for Steelhead/Rainbow Trout

The weather pattern for the rest of the week and into the first part of next week is back to below freezing temperatures and light snow several days.

Right now conditions on Johnson Creek are moderate to high water flows and low visibility all the way from the lake to Lyndonville Dam.

There is open water all the way up so if things calm down over the next few days, Johnson Creek should have a good fishery for both Steelhead/Rainbow trout (both fresh and seasoned) and Brown trout.

On Oak Orchard River the water flow is more moderate and visibility is more like 1 to 2 feet.

The “Oak” has open water all the way north to past the bridges area but there is still some shore ice for a large portion making access limited.

Right now there is very little fishing pressure on the “Oak” but those who are braving the elements are having moderate to good success.

As it always is when the water temperature is in the low to mid 32 degrees, your presentation needs to be very slow and close to the bottom to entice these lethargic fish.

Marsh Creek do not seem to have much open water and Sandy Creek was fishable but should go to high and muddy with the precipitation over the past few days.

Let’s hope that this weather pattern moderates itself over the next week or so and we can get more stable fishing conditions.

Let’s make everyday a great fishing day, right here in Orleans County.

Mike Waterhouse
Olreans County Tourism
p: 585-589-3103