COLORADO: Best Fly’s Are Red & Cream Larva in the Mornings

Fishing On the San Juan RiverThe fishing below the dam has been great with very few anglers out fishing. The water is running at 355 CFS today and the fish are stacked up. Our best fly’s have been red & cream larva in the mornings, then chocolate & grey foam wings in the afternoon. If you see fish eating some moss, put on a woolly bugger or a leech pattern. There is still some dry fly action and now that we are getting into a more winter like pattern with snow in the high country, and overcast and rainy / snowy days on the lower Juan. Midges mid – morning and I would keep an eye out for some BWO’s. Over all the fishing has been good, with very little fishing pressure.

In Pagosa, the higher up streams are freezing, but we are still fishing on the town stretch. The fishing has been best mid-day. If you get out to early the river has been a giant ice Slurpee. Once the morning ice flow is gone, the fish will turn on. It is not like fishing in the summer where fish are scattered all over the river. They are stacked in the deepest holes knowing that in a few weeks the river will be iced over 3 -4 months.

Let’s hope for a snowy spring, so we have better river flows next summer. It would also be nice to fill Navajo Reservoir back up.

Capt. Scott Taylor
High Country Fishing Charters
p: 970-946-5229