AUSTRALIA: Catching Redfin on New Stump-jumper Finesse Lures in Pink

Making the Journey to Lake Toolondo near Horsham on Saturday, Trevor Holmes and his cousin Rod Rees found the water level low and access difficult. Never the less, using their new Stump-jumper finesse lures in pink, they did catch a number of redfin, including one of 800 grams, but no trout.

Jason Andrew with a gummy shark taken off St Leonards.

Also fishing for redfin, but in Cowies Creek in Seagull Paddock Norlane was Jake Hoskin and a friend. Casting lures they caught three redfin and no doubt will be back for more.

Arriving back home in the afternoon, Trevor was by no means done for the day, and in the evening, headed out to Wurdi Boluc Reservoir. Here, casting his reliable Strike Pro Bob’n spoon, landed a number of redfin which were mostly small, but with three going better than a kilogram; one of them weighed 1.82 kg.

Geoff Wilson