ARKANSAS: Best Baits Right Now Are Nightcrawlers, Frozen Shad & Sculpins

Fishing conditions this week have been cool, but perfect for all anglers.

Several guide trips this week all were very productive for some real nice fish. Trophy Browns are being caught at night.

The equipment used by Big Phil’s Guides is some of the best on the market. Some cooler to cold weather for the New Year, however fishing conditions could not be better. Most days water has been running some generation, however they have had some periods with little or no generators as well. Be aware of the changing river conditions and be safe. When the generators do come on, take advantage of the rise it creates a very good bite for the Rouges, Spoons, Roster Tails, and other artificial baits. Trophy Browns are being caught at night when the generators are shut down. Come see me for details on this method.

Best baits right now are Nightcrawlers, Frozen Shad, and Sculpins. Flat Fish in gold or silver, Broken Back J-9 Rapala’s it the trout and shad colors, or a Stinging Lizard. Powerbait and Powerbait Trout worms in white, bubblegum,or orange has been doing well to catch numbers. For the Fly Fisherman Streamers and White Jigs. Call me if you have questions.

Be sure of yourself or get a guide. Now is some of the best times to catch world class fish.

Don Schnable
Spring Creek Ent.
P: 417-273-4859