TEXAS: Couple Monsters While Gigging the Shallow Waters of the Back Bays

TX_2-1-13Well, the black drum bite is slowly starting up here in Galveston. I have actually seen a couple monsters while gigging the shallow waters of the back bays, but the majority of these beast are staging along deep channels around structure. Our favorite area to fish for these brutes are along the North and South Galveston Jetties. Our bait of choice lately has been cracked crab when available. As the water warms up the crabs will be more abundunt in the bait shops, but for now they are somewhat hard to come by. Crawfish work well also, and are a little more available this time of year.

One thing I like to encourage when catching these monster fish from the deep channels is to be sure to deflate the fish before release. We take a syringe and from the bottom side of the fish, between the pelvic fins – insert the syringe and release the air trapped in the fishes bladder. This allows for the fish to recover quick, and fight another day!

Capt. Greg Verm
Fishing Galveston TX
p: 409-739-8526