NEW YORK: Let’s Hope the Temperature Rollercoaster Settles Down

The high today is supposed to be 63 degrees and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 30 degrees.

As you can imagine all of the tributaries within Orleans County are blown out and muddy.

Continued intermittent showers the rest of today will only contribute to the high water levels. Any ice that had been built up is either gone or is extremely unsafe.

Tomorrow is predicted to be cold and very windy with scattered snow. The forecast for the rest of the week and into the weekend calls for temperatures to remain below freezing so that should slow the runoff and possibly bring the tributaries back into fishable conditions by the weekend. The fast flowing waters should also bring in fresh fish that will be available towards the weekend with tributaries most likely at moderately high levels with stained water.

Let’s hope that the temperature rollercoaster that we are on settles down for the rest of the winter season so we can have a good fishery for the rest of the tributary season.

Let’s make everyday a great fishing day, right here in Orleans County.