MISSOURI: SPRO McStick & Megabass Vision 110 baits Are Still Top Producers

Branson: Fishing guides are still catching fish both shallow and deep on the lower end of the lake but with the warm rain early in the week the week the deep bite is starting to wane. The best shallow bite has been on a couple of patterns; a stick bait five to fifteen feet deep and a football jig ten to twenty feet deep. SPRO McStick and Megabass Vision 110 baits are still top producers, look at the inside of points and transition areas to be the most productive. Jewel ½ and 5/8 oz. football jigs in PB&J or watermelon candy with a green pumpkin J-Tail or Tightlines jig trailer have been the most effective jigs.

Kimberling City: The shallow bite is still the most productive pattern for Branson fishing guides in the mid lake area. Stick baits and Jewel football jigs are top presentations just like in Branson. Fishing guides are also doing well with Storm Wiggle Warts on gravel and mixed gravel and rock points on windy days. Brown craw and phantom green have been the best colors; look for points that have a transition from rock to gravel and deep water close by to out produce flat points.

James River: The same patterns are working in the James River as in the mid lake and Branson. Fishing guides have been putting some quality fish in the boat on an Umbrella rig as well; look for most of these fish to be relating to wood cover on the insides of main lake points suspended between six and twenty five feet deep. The best baits on the rig have been natural shad hues including smoking shad and silver with a black back and the top producing baits are Tightlines UV broken back jerk and Zoom swimming fluke jr.

White River: Stickbaits, jigs and wiggle warts will all put fish in the boat on the White River. The same locations and patterns are working from Baxter to Eagle Rock as in the mid lake and Branson. Fishing guides have been doing well in the Kings River around laydowns and log jams in some of the creek arms and bluff pockets. Start out by throwing a stickbait around the wood allowing it to rest around ten seconds close to the cover. After thoroughly working the wood with a stickbait, move in and pitch a Jewel Flippin’ Finesse jig to shady areas to pick off any remaining fish.

Capt. Eric Prey
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