GEORGIA: Planner Boards & Free-lines Mid Trout or Shad to Catch Big Boys

Line-Sides – Fair – I have only spent two days on the water since my last report do to all the rain. The north end of the lake is going to be really trashed out in a couple of days do to all the rain we have had this week. I am hoping the mud-line don’t make it to mid lake by this week end. …If it does then work you way south until you find the mud line. Downing small trout, shiners or shad should work well fished 18-34 deep out of the river channel any where you find clear water should work well..The bigger fish ( Stripers ) are on the move and up shallow. Planner Boards and Free-lines Mid Trout or shad will give you a chance to catch one of the big boys. Stamp Creek to Iron Hill is where I would target big fish right now. The spoon bite is also starting to pick up, I am having my best success on a 1oz white Flex-it Spoon.

The top water bite is also picking up and has been best north of Kellogg’s. I hope the heavy rains we had earlier this week doesn’t push these fish down..

Capt. Robert Eidson
First Bite Guide Service
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