The last month or so there has actually been too many Bull Reds on some days, because when they roam around in packs feeding they attack the lure you are throwing and then another Redfish hits the cork and busts up your tackle. This results in you bringing in empty fishing line. The Reds force you to go tight line with a lead head and plastic, so they don’t have a second target to hit and bust the 50 pound leader between the cork and the lure. When the Redfish are spread out some they are much more manageable, and you can get the fish to the boat. Even then, you see two or three more Reds following the Red that is hooked all the way to the boat. If you are ready you can drop your lure into the water when this happens and the follow Reds will hit it. This has been happening all year long. The water has been clear most days by our standards, so you see the fish. There is no telling how often this happens in murky water when we can’t see the fish. We catch these Big Redfish every month of the year, and I don’t know which month is the best to fish for to catch them. The Speckled Trout have been easy to catch as well this month. They are in all the passes in the river. We have concentrated our fishing near drop offs in the river for the Specs. The most exciting fishing is the big Redfish, which is my specialty.

Everyone has been having a blast fishing and hanging out at the lodge. I have had folks staying here from all over the country and beyond. I have been working hard but having such a good time that I have lost track of time. I have been trying to return calls, but forgetting to, then remembering to. I have not had a chance to give a fishing report until now. Things slow down for me now with the holidays. I have plenty of boat and tackle maintenance to do. I have to go buy about 10 new rods, because we have broken so many ( you have to move around the boat with these big Reds until you wear them down ). My Stradic reels need new drag washers because the big Redfish have worn them down so bad. This is all a good thing. I would not trade it for anything

I am starting to get bookings for next year. Winter and Spring Redfish fishing is as good as any other time. We have weather fronts that come through that can make fishing tough, but that is all year long-any month. If you are interested in getting in on some big Redfish action you might want to book three to six months before. Give me a call if you have any questions.

Capt. Shawn Lanier
Fish On Guide Service
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