CALIFORNIA: Bay Bass and Sharks

In the bay, small stripers are still taken on bullheads, and a few fishermen are targeting sturgeon near the Pumphouse.  George Liu of Bay Tackle in El Cerrito went to Muir Beach over the weekend to throw crab snatchers and target barred perch, and they landed a few crab and a couple of limits of barred perch on blood worms or Berkley Gulp! Camo Worms. There is still great interest in crabbing, and they have been selling large numbers of the snares, nets with 100 feet of rope for $19.99, or the Danielson crab traps for $17.99.
Bay Tackle has a supply of bullheads which have been getting more and more difficult to obtain.

Finally a great south bay report and picture (water background would beat grass) with Hot Sheet Subscriber Gilbert Zamora, captain of the ‘Gill Getter,’ putting in a potluck of bay species while fishing with Jason Gallegos. They were fishing near the deep channel at the San Mateo Bridge for a 46-inch sturgeon, a 32-inch halibut, a leopard shark, and a sevengill shark.

Tom Dudenhoeffer of Sweeney’s Sports in Napa said, “There are a good numbers of stripers in the Napa River throughout the system, but this week’s rain will change everything and muddy up the water.” The sturgeon action is improving in the lower section of the river, and the rains will help this bite. Live grass shrimp has been the top bait for the diamondback

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