FLORIDA: Inshore Fish Are On the Move

The recent winds and cooler days and nights has been chilling the water temps. Inshore fish are on the
move to deeper flats as well as canals and around docks with good water flow. With the tides being lower
than normal with the persistent north winds, redfish should start tailing on flats. Alot of potholes and turtle
grass makes for the ideal bottom to forage for small shrimp crabs and bloodworms. My favorite baits are
the saltwater assassin cocktail shrimp in newpenny or bone diamond with a 16th once mustad peg hook.
Next would be the mirrodean pro series redfish pattern and also the zara jr. topwaters.

With the water temps dropping, bait will start thinning out. Shrimp will become the go to bait for most of the
inshore species. The trout have started to move to the spoil islands up in St. Joseph sound because
of the shelly and rocky bottom. This is one of the first areas where trout congregate. The deeper docks
will be holding redfish, sheaphead and blackdrum. The best docks are one with lots of oysters on the
pilings with good water flow.

Position your boat so that you can fish uptide of the boat slips. When the day warms up the trout and reds will
push there way on to shallower flats to seek that warm water. This is where you will catch your bigger trout.
They will be laid up in the potholes or right on the edges. Make sure you find flats with lots of mullet. The redfish
will be in with the mullet as they stir up the shrimp and other Crustateans.

Fall offers a large variety of different styles of fishing.

Capt. Craig Lahr
p: 727-204-9626