GEORGIA: Lake Allatoona – Take Your Umbrella Rigs

Line-Sides bite is Slow.

The lake is starting to turnover and the fish are scatter from one end of the lake to the other including the rivers.

These fish are on the move and are hard to stay on top of once you do find them. Then you throw in the full moon this pasted Saturday and the 3 plus inches of rain we had it makes fishing twice as tough as a normal turnover…

If your heading out this week be sure to take your Umbrella Rigs. The trolling bite isn’t much better then the live bait bite, but it will catch you a few fish this time of year…

I think we are getting just days away from a good bite.

The water temperature is in the middle 70’s and good things are just around the corner…..

Capt. Robert Eidson
First Bite Guide Service
p: 770 827-6282

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