MISSOURI: Guides Doing Well Using Chompers, Tightlines & ROBO Finesse Worms


Fishing guide trips continue to produce quantity and as well as quality despite the recent cold front. The shallow bite on the lower end has suffered some but the deep bite has remained consistent. Most Branson fishing guides have been doing very well using Chompers, Tightlines and ROBO finesse worms on a drop shot rig for suspended spotted bass. The majority of fish are holding close to something; tree tops, large docks or dock cables. Look for fish to be around 25′ – 35′ deep suspended over as much as 100′.

Kimberling City:

The Kimberling City area has some great fishing right now. The fish are a lot shallower in the mid lake than in Branson. Fishing guide trips have been very productive using Jewel football and spider jigs on gravel and mixed gravel points and flats. Look for fish to be around 12′ – 20′ deep holding tight to sharp drops and rock piles. There has been an inconsistent topwater bite in the morning, you need to have a topwater handy when the fish surface and make casts in front of the fish. Unfortunately, the bite has been too spotty to rely on.

James River:

Dirty water and high skies has been a good combo over the past week. The stained water of the mid and upper James River has produced better quality than the mid lake or Branson. Fishing guides have been catching some solid fish shallow throughout the day. Early in the day a buzz bait is hard to beat, look for shallow wood cover to be holding most of the fish, make multiple casts from different angles to each piece of wood to draw strikes. As the day wears on move out to around 10 ‘ -15′ deep and throw Jewel football and spider jigs on mixed gravel and rock banks and points. Most of the fish will be holding tight to wood or rock cover so be sure work every piece of cover thoroughly before moving on.

White River:

The White River has lived up to its reputation of being a diverse fishery over the past week. Unlike in Branson fishing guides have been able to catch fish with a wide array of baits and presentations on the White River. Early in the day the topwater bite has been great, spooks, Sammies and pop-r’s have all been productive, look for surfacing fish on gravel flats and points and cast in front of them to draw strikes. Once the sun comes up Jewel spider jigs and Carolina rigged creatures are producing on the same points 12′ – 20′ deep. The Kings River has some great shallow water action; shallow crankbaits and buzzbaits around wood cover has been working early, switch to an Eakins jig and craw combo once the sun comes up.

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