LOUISIANA: Targeting Speckled Trout on Artificial Lures

It seems like for the last few weeks I have been fishing with a lot of kids fishing with their fathers and grandfathers. Just family type fishing. I really enjoy watching kids and young teenagers having a good time doing something outdoors like fishing. I think they really need to be at least 10 years old before they are out on fishing charters, because they usually cannot go for long until they burn out and lose interest in the trip.

We have caught some nice fish here lately too. Usually these young anglers need a lot of coaching at first, but I am impressed with how some of them catch on quickly to casting and fighting fish. It is always more difficult with kids when the fish are not biting, and we have to move around to find them. I don’t want them to get discouraged early, but fortunately we have been on the fish pretty good. I keep telling folks that the number of fish we catch in a day has a lot to do with where I decide to fish, but it has a lot to do also with the crew I take with me…

Anyway, everyone has said they have had a good time. The Summertime Redfishing has been on, and the cooler fall months are right around the corner. I like targeting the Speckled Trout in the fall on artificial lures. The Redfish bite is as good in the fall as any other time as well. If you want to take fish home with you to eat, then fall is the best time because the trout are easy to catch. Please, give me a call or email me if you have any questions about availability or whatever.

Capt. Shawn Lanier
Fish On Guide Service
p: 225-205-5353

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