MISSOURI: Table Rock Lake – Drop Shot Rigged Chompers and Tightlines Worms Effective

Branson Area: Fishing guide trips have remained good. The majority of fish are still coming out of deep water; drop shot rigged Chompers, ROBO and Tightlines worms have all been effective on deep gravel points and flats throughout the lower end. Look for points that have deep water close by to out produce others. Larger fish have begun to suspend over deeper water in the Branson end of Table Rock Lake as well, look for quality fish to be holding around 30′ deep in tree tops and around large docks over 60′ of water or more.

Kimberling City: Much like Branson fishing guide trips the Kimberling City area has been dominated by the deep bite. Most of the fish are being caught on drop shot rigs or Webb Tail Spoons on gravel points and flats close to deep water. There is a decent bite on Jewel football jigs or Carolina rigged Tightlines and Chompers creatures or lizards. Look for deeper brush and rock piles to be holding most of the fish in 20′ – 30′, the fish will be roaming early and late in the day and holding tight to cover during the heat of the day.

James River: Slow and steady are the watch words on the James River right now. Most of the fish are coming by working a variety of baits slowly along the bottom drawing strikes from fish holding in and around brush and other cover. Jewel football jigs, Texas rigged big worms and Carolina rigged lizards and creatures have all been producing in and around brush, rocks and laydowns from 12′ – 25′ deep. Working the bait slowly through the cover is critical to draw strikes. Unless the Corps starts generating current or we have some rain fall the deep crankbait bite will remain hit and miss at best.

White River: The White River has been the best end of the lake in the past week. The topwater bite has been stronger in the Shell Knob area than any other portion of the lake. Spooks, Sammies and Pop-R’s have all been effective early and late with large schools of spotted and largemouth bass chasing shad on large gravel flats and points. Once the sun comes up the deep bite rules, drop shot rigged Chompers, ROBO or Tightlines worms in and around brush or rock piles 25′ – 35′ deep will out produce any other pattern.

Capt. Eric Prey
Focused fishing Guide Service
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