LOUISIANA: Bad Weather – Good Trip

Windy Rainey Day Yesterday.

Larry, Robbie,Josh,and Blaine and I left the dock at first light and was met with a huge storm . It blew 20to30 for awhile no getting outside after the trout.

Plan B, so we worked around some ponds in the rain close to Black bay for redfish hoping the weather would break and we could get out. We put a few reds in the boat broke off a few and landed and released a huge bull drum. Then it happened the rain stopped wind calmed so we took our shot and ran out.

First stop a couple dirty water second and third catfish number four it happened picked few trout so we anchored down and they slowly started coming in the boat then they turned on trout coming in steady. The weather was making another run on us so we headed in and just made it in time. Cold and wet but smiling with box full of trout on bad weather day.

We fished hard no matter the weather and made the best of it and got lucky.

Capt. Gene Dugas
Rather Be Fishing Adventures
P: 985-640-0569

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