ARKANSAS: Throw Topwater Baits Early for Bass

With the extreme heat and no rain the water temp is in the upper 80’s and the lake level is 547.5.

There are still a lot of fish down 20ft.-30ft. And deeper.

Most of the shallow fish are whites and bass while the deeper fish are usually hybrids and stripers. We need some rain to get the bite to get better. The weatherman says we are supposed to get some rain later this coming week. I hope he is right.

Throw topwater baits early for the bass chasing bait to the surface and then you can use a jig,dropshot,Carolina rig or drop a spoon.

If you are after the stripers they are moving around a lot and when you find them get your bait down to them in the water column. You need to be patient as the bite has been slow.

Don Schnable
Spring Creek Ent.
p: 417-273-4859

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