ALABAMA: Catching Bream with Light Line and Tackle is a blast

With a three day tournament on the lake for military veterans, the lakes been pretty active with boats over the past two days.

I fished around Ryan Creek Marina on Monday and put together a real nice bag of bass right by the launch. I am getting ready for this weekend otherwise. It’s prime time for bream on Smith Lake. While bream have been on the bed since last month, they’ll be in full swing on the full moon. I spent Tuesday morning with a client picking of several bream and shell crackers in the 1 – 2 pound range. We box our limit and called it a day, with our only heart brake coming right before we headed in. He lost a shell cracker that was pushing 3 pounds. The biggest bream i’ve seen this year by far. While I don’t spend a lot of time fishing for bream through the rest of the year, I kill them during this time of year. It’s fun and you have constant action all day long. If you have kids and want them to experience fishing for the first time, bream trips can provide constant action. Which I find important with kids during there younger years.

No matter what age you are, catching bream with light line and tackle is a blast.  Plus they taste great and are easy to filet.

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