MISSOURI: James River – Umbrella Rigs Continue to Produce on Windy Days

Kimberling City Area:
The 3″ – 8″ of rain this past week have raised lake levels and lowered water temperatures throughout the lake. The Corps of Engineers have been running four generators since the weekend, pulling water and in turn fish out of flooded brush inundated by flood waters. The best bite has been on main lake and secondary points with Jewel football or spider jigs, split shot rigs and Jewel Squirrel heads. Most of the fish have been from the old bank line out to 20′ deep, work all of the baits slowly along the bottom to draw strikes.

James River:
Umbrella rigs continue to produce on windy days, look for fish to be suspended around standing timber 5′ – 15′ deep over as much as 30′ feet of water. Most anglers are having success with Zoom swimming flukes or Tightlines UV shad baits in natural colors. Jewel football jigs and Chompers Tubes are producing on main lake and secondary points as well, fish are being caught 10′ – 15′ deep, any shallower and moss becomes an issue.

White River:
Much like the James fish continue to be caught on umbrella rigs when the wind is blowing, points with isolated wood cover have been the best locations. In the very back of larger creek arms and up the Kings River Chompers McCutchen spinnerbaits have been very effective around laydowns and other cover. The beds that showed up last week in the Kings River have been vacant all week; cooler, dirtier water has moved fish off for a few days but they should be back by the end of the week.

Dam Area:
The deep bite is still hanging on but has waned over the past week with stained water and fish moving closer to the spawn. The best bite has been on gravel and mixed gravel and rock points near spawning locations. Jewel spider jigs and Squirrel heads, Tightlines UV beavers and finesse worms on split shot rigs and UV or Chompers tubes have all been very effective baits. Work the baits slowly along the bottom to draw strikes. Further upstream in Long Creek fish are beginning to move closer to the spawn, most of the beds seen by anglers before last week’s rain are vacant but fish are cruising the shallows looking for spots to make new beds.

Capt. Eric Prey
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