MISSISSIPPI: Ended the Day With 9 Trout, 4 Reds & 1 Flounder

…Now to get to the fishing…I had Will, Bill, Jim, and Mark on Saturday. The first three guys on the list surprised Mark with a charter for his birthday. Mark is a local contractor doing some great work with Habitat for Humanity. I will let you in on a little tip. If you are going to surprise your brother-in-law with a charter, don’t pop up at his house with all the kids and wives the night before, “Surprise we are all staying here for a couple days.” That was 13 people and 1 dog crashing Marks birthday weekend, non the less he seemed in good spirits and happy to be on the water with family. We pounded the marsh looking for that one great bite which did not come. All the trout and bait I was finding a week or two ago has seemed to vanish. I can’t figure it out, maybe the rain, maybe it was just the first wave of trout, and this next full moon will bring a new batch of fish. We did how ever supplement the lack of trout with red fish. We found plenty of reds we probably caught over 20, the size was not all there but the action was pretty good. We ended the day with 10 trout 8 reds and 2 flounder. Not the box full we were hoping for, but a beautiful day on the water with great people!

Sunday I had Pat and Ryan from Georgia. I met Pat at the Saltwater Sportsman Seminar a year ago. Pat and Ryan both were eager to get to the marsh and away from the sounds of slot machines for a little while. We did much of what I did the day before, hunting. We could never find more then one or two trout per spot. It wasn’t a matter of finding good water, I found some of the prettiest water I have seen in a week. Again the bait was just not there along with the fish. The bright part of the day was to see Ryan catch the first two reds, which were also his first two reds, on 10lb test. We get them in the boat and Ryan says,”That’s 4-4.5lbs”, so I weigh it and sure enough, 4.5lbs. Well, his dad Pat gets one in the boat and Ryan says,”That’s 6lb”, he was right on again. Come to find out he has been working in a meat market for ten years. These guys were a pleasure to be around and am looking forward to fishing with them in the fall. We ended the day with 9 trout, 4 reds, and 1 flounder.

Capt. Matt Tusa
Shore Thing Fishing Charters
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