ALABAMA: There was More Bait Circling the Light Then I Have Ever Seen

With the spawn coming to a end, I spent the weekend dodging rain and fishing through heavy fog on Sunday. After making a run in a total whiteout, we arrived at Mallard Point and stopped on a light close to the point. Upon us pulling up, there was more bait circling the light then I’ve ever seen. As we got closer they weren’t the only thing on the light either. Plenty of 12-20 lbs. stripers rolling through the light, so I knew we where in business. On the fourth cast my client hooked up and it was on. I started to move the boat so we could keep the fish from making a run under the dock. With in a minute the fish turned and made a run. It rapped him up around the lights and you could see the lights swimming in circles. As we moved in, I grabbed the rod to make sure the fish was still on. It took one client holding the rod, the other client holding the net, and me hand lining the fish up. After a couple minutes we worked the fish up and boated him. After netting the fish and seeing how many times he rapped us, I couldn’t believe we landed this fish. 99.9% of the time this fish would have broke off, but not Sunday. I told my client, landing that fish was like winning the lottery.

With the water temp. steadily rising, I am getting ready for April’s full moon. That should bring in the bream to bed, it usually happens on the first full moon of May. But this year is different and I’m willing to bet it will start this month. Nothing beats big bull bream fishing with light line on ultra light rods.

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