ARKANSAS: Spoons, Grubs, Swim baits and Live Bait are the Best

Norfork Lake level is 552.5 and dropping slowly with a surface temperature of 45 degrees and it, too, is dropping slowly.

A cold front just came through leaving the area with its coolest temperatures of the year. Creeks are stained and are a perfect color for fishing. That’s where most of the fish are.

Not a lot has changed since the last report except more stripers are being caught. There are several schooling fish just inside the mouths of creeks feeding on the shad. These schools contain bass, hybrid and stripers. You will not know what it is until it hits.

Crappie are on brush and moving from one pile to another. They go shallow at dusk. There are some very nice fish being caught everyday. I have not caught any walleye for a few days but I do not run the whole lake. Harvey works the north end of the lake, Steve works the middle and Bink works the south. Spoons, grubs, swim baits and live bait are the best.

Jerk bait fishing is coming soon.

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