MONTANA: Good Bets are the Gallatin, Lower Madison, Livingston Spring Creeks & Missouri

Dig-In-Anchors.comAs we move into winter most of the lake run fishing and late fall hatches have run their course.

There are still a few fish moving out of the lakes that are worth targetting. Most of the browns are done spawning. Smaller streams will be closed for the winter months but many of the larger rivers and spring creeks are open all winter.

For the colder months it is important to find fisheries that either have spring fed influences or bottom release water from dams. Luckily many such fisheries can be found around Montana.

Fishing can actually be very good in the winter months.

The trout move into slower and deeper runs where they can be found in great concentrations. The most productive fishing is definitely nymph fishing. It is important to get the flies right on the bottom so adjust weights carefully. Yarn indicators also help detect the very subtle strikes that occur in the colder months.  Trout are in slow moving water and do not move fast to take flies so the strikes show up as a delicate flutter on a yarn indicator. It is good to have an itchy trigger finger when winter nymph fishing: set first and ask questions later.

Some good bets for the winter are the Gallatin, Lower Madison, Livingston Spring Creeks, Missouri and the Ruby.

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