LOUISIANA: Swimbaits, Killer Flats Minnows (TTF) & Cocodrie Cocoahoes Produced Fish

Shallow Water Anchor SystemDay 2 with Scott, Luke, Kolbe, and Nate Leary from Mississippi was just as good as yesterday or better!!!!

We knew we had a window before the front to Burn Hack the fish and we took full advantage of it. Our first two stops only found about 20 fish. Our next two stops had everyone in the boat slinging in the yellow mouths everycast!!! The approaching front had the fish in a frenzy and they were eating up like there was no tomorrow! My crew had a blast filling up the box again and the memories made will last a lifetime. Swimbaits, Killer Flats Minnows (TTF), and Cocodrie Cocoahoes all produced fish today. Color didn’t matter today as the fish hit all colors and all baits.

Big thanks to Scott and the boys for such a memorable two days of smashing the fish.

Capt. Marty LaCoste
Absolute Fishing Charters
p: 985-856-4477

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