GEORGIA: Lake Allatoona – Remember to Down Size Hooks to Match Shiners for More Strikes

Line-Sides is Good.

I didn’t fish as much as I would have like this week due to the weather but the few times I was on the water fishing was good. The bait is starting to move back into the Creek and so are the Striper and Hybrids.

Mid lake seems to be holding better numbers of fish then the southend and the northend but I think all the creeks on the lake will produce line-sides right now. Shiners fished on free-lines and planner boards are producing better then trout and shad right now. Remember to down size your hooks to match your shiners for more strikes.

After the sun comes up switch to pulling umbrella Rigs. I have had my best luck this week pulling my rigs 145 feet behind the boat at 3.1 to 3.4 miles and hour. And have caught fish weighting up to 21 lbs.

As the lake starts to clears the umbrella rig bite will get great.

Capt. Robert Eidson
First Bite Guide Service
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