ALABAMA: Smith Lake – Used a Stop & Go Pace for Dropping My Umbrella Rigs

Friday – December 30, 2011

On Friday the day started out tough, after falling in the water and busting my butt. I had about 5 minutes to get things figured out and man up to go fishing. Friday the fish were more spread out. Most were still in depths of 25-40 feet, but we didn’t find any big groups of fish. We got more swats, than commitments. While we caught fish, most of them were small. We caught most our fish in Millers Flat.

Saturday – December 31st, 2011

I had two seniors from Athens High School whose dads wanted to give them a reward for all their hard work. Both young men on the boat are going to play college ball, one at Auburn and one at UAB.

Saturday morning was foggy and it didn’t lift until around 9:30.

We started on the back side of Goat Island and with no luck, we headed to Millers Flat. Upon arriving there, right away things were different. The bait and the fish were all pinned to the bottom in depths ranging from 45-65 feet mostly. Not many suspended fish; I used a stop and go pace for dropping my umbrella rigs to where they needed to be. 90% of our bites came when I put the boat in neutral, and allowed the umbrella rig to drop in more of a pendulum motion. After doubling up and catching several more, the bite seemed to fade. We headed back to Goat Island and pick up one more before we called it a day. All in all it was a good day, after a slow start things picked up and we had a good time. Hope everybody that took a trip with me last year had a good time and I look forward to all of this years trips.

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