OREGON: Southwest – Big chinook are available this season

While the ocean is open to bottom fishing without depth restrictions, days when it’s safe to launch become a rarity in wintertime. When boats do get out, fishing is usually excellent.

Ocean crabbing is tentatively scheduled to re-open on December 15th but only of Dungeness are in good condition.

Crabbing has slowed dramatically in Winchester and many other bays and estuaries following the recent influx of fresh water. North Umpqua steelheading did not improve as a result of the freshet.

Chinook fishing appears to have wrapped up for the season in Coos Bay and the lower Coquille.

A few winter steelhead have been taken on the lower Rogue. Early winters are often a harbinger of a good seasonal run. Chinook fishing is very slow. Steelhead and half-pounder catches on the middle Rogue have been poor to fair. With the river coming back into shape, summer steelheading has resumed in the upper river with mixed results.

Chetco is in good shape this week and is forecast to continue to drop and remain in decent condition for weekend fishing.

Big chinook are available this season although none have topped the 65-pounder taken last week. Results will be good into early December although winter steelhead will also be entering in ever-greater number.

Plunkers have taken winters this week although the edge will go to side-drifters as the river level drops.

As the Elk and Sixes rose and fell with recent precipitation, anglers followed. Despite crowded conditions, bright fish were taken as the river dropped into shape. Both will be low and clear by the coming weekend.

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