GEORGIA: Keep a Super Fluke, Sammy or Zara Spook Ready

Linesides: Good, The rain we had ealier this week as really stain the northend of the lake. This really didn’t hurt me because I wasn’t spending much time north of the S-Turns any way. There are fish in the S-Turns but mostly white bass. The Umbrella rig bite is starting to be the best over all bite on the lake.

Free-lines and planner boards are working early in the morning and then again right before dust. But end between sun up and sun down the umbrella bite is king.. “There is a down-rods bite buy nothing like the umbrella bite.. We caught most of our fish again this week on our U-rigs then live bait, and that is about norm for most of the winter. I am targeting the flats from the S-turns all the way up to Clear Creek. I’m not even looking in the Allatoona arm right now. There’s a ton of fish moving up on flats and points to feed on small threadfin right now. Catch them on jigging spoons or Rooster Tails if you can get them deep enough. Fish 10 to 12 feet deep. The flats off Gaults have been good, as well as the island at Harbor Town and Bartow-Carver.

Seagulls are starting to show up. I expect in December the fishing will be full blown.

Key on birds and topwater. Keep a Super Fluke, Sammy or Zara Spook ready.

Pull flatlines and planer boards, and later in the mornings pull a lighter three-arm U-rig.

Capt. Robert Eidson
First Bite Guide Service
p: 770 827-6282

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